Superior Structural Corporation was contracted to supply the structural steel for an industrial warehouse for a Midwest food distributor. This project required a large quantity of steel joists and metal decking, including approximately 462.6 tons of short and long span joists and girders, and thousands of squares of G60 types “A” and “B” 20 and 22 gauge metal decking. All constructed members were subjected to thorough weld testing to assure quality and functionality, and are in full compliance with Steel Joist Institute and Steel Deck Institute standards. As with all of our projects, testing was carried out by an independent inspection company.

The joist & deck materials for this large-scale industrial warehouse were fabricated in one month (June 2008 through July 2008) in Kenosha, WI; the resources and expertise that we possess enable us to complete projects of this magnitude in a short time period. We maintain a reputation for producing and supplying high quality structural steel members for clients across a spectrum of industries. For more details about this industrial warehouse project, or the other fabrication capabilities we offer, please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Product Description

Superior Structural Corporation distributed the Steel Joists and Metal Deck for a new food storage warehouse called Affiliated Foods Midwest.

  • Approximately 462.6 tons of short span, long span joists and girders
  • Approximately 55 squares of 1-1/2″ Type A, 20 gauge, G60 Metal Deck
  • Approximately 2,937 squares of 1-1/2″ Type B, 20 gauge, G60 Metal Deck
  • Approximately 71 squares of 1-1/2″ Type B, 22 gauge, G60 Metal Deck.
Material Type

Hot Rolled Steel
Steel Roof Deck
Cold Formed Steel
Form Deck

Material Finish

Prime Painted

  • Steel Joists: Grey
  • Metal Deck: White
In process testing/inspection performed

An Independent inspection company performs weld tests on the products our company manufactures.

Industry for Use

Industrial Warehouse

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Joist & Deck portion – June 2008 through July 2008
Entire Project – June 2008 through November 2008

Delivery Location

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Standards Met

Customer Specifications
Steel Joist Institute and Steel Deck Institute Codes of Standard Practice

Product Name

Steel Joists and Metal Deck

Why did you choose this project to show case?

This project was chosen to showcase the shorter duration and simplicity of a relatively large scale project.